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Sunflower and Moorhead United Methodist Church Pastor Veronica Pritchard and Delta Grace board member Alvin ‘Shotgun’ McCarty accepted the Community Foundation of Northwest MS’s Endowment for the Future of Northwest MS check to continue the work of repairing homes for the needy.

Mardi Gras Event Held to Support Delta Grace

Delta Grace holds first-annual Mardi Gras gala; raises money for home repair ministry.

Women of Influence: Delta Grace's Veronica Pritchard

Aside from pastoring two churches in Sunflower County (Sunflower UMC and Moorhead UMC), Veronica Pritchard serves as executive director of Delta Grace.

Sunflower UMC is a small membership church with a big passion to serve Christ. They believe that God is calling them to renovate their facilities to be a hub enabling mission teams from all over the United States to reach out to those in need in the Mississippi Delta.

Community Bank Makes Donation to Delta Missions, Delta Grace

On Tuesday, the reverends Veronica Pritchard and Herron Wilson accepted a $2,000 contribution from Community Bank, which hosted its annual Taste of Indianola event in October as a fundraiser for the two missions.

Delta Grace Visits Rotary Club

Veronica Pritchard, pastor and operator of the Sunflower-based mission Delta Grace, spoke to the Indianola Rotary Club this week. Pritchard said the mission is taking on 10 interns this summer, and the organization is currently raising money to fund the internship program. She was the guest of Rotarian Jerry Nobile. 

Congregants and missioners from the New Hope United Methodist Church of Oklahoma City were raising the roof on a home in Indianola last week.

Housing Repair Organization Receives $8K Grant to Benefit Mississippi Residents

Many elderly residents in the Mississippi Delta are without the financial means to address their aging homes’ inevitable wear and tear. An $8,000 Partnership Grant Program (PGP) award to Delta Grace will help resolve some of the area’s most dire cases. The nonprofit, faith-based organization matches mission teams with people in need of home repairs and hosted 25 teams of 377 mission workers and worked on 47 projects this year alone.

Thursday's Take: Taste of Indianola a Recipe for Great Things to Come

Last October, I was just two months on the job in Indianola, so I was enjoying a lot of my “firsts” in the community. One thing that I greatly enjoyed was Community Bank’s Taste of Indianola event. This is real plus for the community, and it supports two missions in the county that are vital to the well being of so many citizens.

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we provide essential home repairs to those most in need

The Mississippi Delta is one of the poorest areas in the United States — often described as ‘a third world country in the heart of America.’ Historically, the region has remained entrenched in deep poverty. Our founders saw that need and were moved to action.

In 2013, they founded Delta Grace, a non-profit, multi-denominational, faith-based organization that matches mission teams with those in need of home repairs.

Since its founding, Delta Grace has hosted over 2,000 missioners and, with their help, has repaired over 150 homes and shared God’s grace with hundreds of Delta residents.

Word about our work has spread all over the country. Today, we have more homes awaiting repairs than ever before.


Our Mission

Is to share God’s grace by using our hands and feet to do His work


Our Goal

Is to provide safe, sanitary, and secure housing for the elderly, disabled, and others who do not have the means to have adequate living conditions in the Delta


Our Prayer

Is that volunteers will transform the lives of those they serve and, in turn, have their own lives transformed